CORSO data will follow the FAIR data management principles where possible.

The following data will be produced as part of the project, with the access and associated documentation as listed.

 DatasetPlanned release  dateLocation, Documentation, Licence conditions/ usage *
D1.1D1.1 Global maps of CO2, CO and NOx emission factors and their uncertainties per sector for the year 2021Dec-24 
D1.2Improved global point source emissions datasetDec-24 
D2.1List of CO2, NO2 and CO hot spot locations for the year 2021 identified in satellite
D2.7Multi-scale global IFS inversion outputs (2021) with assimilated posterior emissions from hot-spotsDec-25 
D3.1Database of existing 14CO2 measurementsSep-23 
D3.2Database of existing APO measurementsSep-23 
D3.3Final APO and 14CO2 measurement datasets from the 1-year intensive observations in Western EuropeApr-25 
D3.4Final and complete version of the APO and 14CO2 flux databasesDec-24 


External Data Sets - for information

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